Tips to choose the premium theme that will suit your WordPress site

Have you ever considered acquiring a premium theme for your WordPress site? There are a lot of paid themes, but do you know what to watch before paying money for a theme?

In two words: Why choose a paid theme?

Why spend 40 to more than 100 dollars, while you have hundreds of free themes at your disposal?One of the reasons that can explain this choice is certainly exclusivity. While a free theme can be installed by almost everyone, buying a paid theme repels many people. For those who want a truly unique theme, they can have their own theme developed, but the price will quickly rise to more than 1000 dollars whereas sites like The Substratum Hub offers the best unique themes.

But exclusivity is not always important.

Some developers design free themes, fix bugs and vulnerabilities, and even add new features, all without paying a penny. But that’s far from the rule.

For individual users, using a free theme is not a problem. However, for a company, using a free theme can have serious consequences, in case of serious bugs or vulnerabilities. Therefore, companies must be careful in choosing the theme they use.

With premium themes, it is generally accepted that developers are maintaining their themes and fixing security vulnerabilities, because it is also in their interest to keep their existing customers, and to find new ones.

One last reason for choosing a paid theme is in the variety of functions. A professional developer, who charges for his themes, will have more time to think about his projects and will invest more in more important functions. Premium themes do not have to be better than free themes; however, it’s their business.

Have you tested the demo?

Before buying a theme, first take the time to test the demo version. You can analyze the design; look at the style of comments, menus and different elements. Depending on the level of knowledge you have of CSS and PHP, you can later adapt it completely to your own needs. In this case, only the base is necessary.

Many prefer premium themes, for their clients, except perhaps the typeface and the size used, because they meet their requirements ideally, even if it takes sometimes many hours to find the rare pearl.

What do you know about the developer?

Whether you buy a theme on a big portal like The Substratum Hubor from an independent developer, before investing in a paid theme, always check if the developer has already created other themes and how customers have noticed it.

It’s not just about being suspicious of crooks, but about protecting yourself from inexperienced developers. Those who develop a theme for the first time may, unintentionally, ignore many aspects related to security and compatibility with the WordPress plugin. This is the kind of thing you risk paying later.